We Provide

Cost effective material solutions to enhance product performance
Innovative product design concepts based on nanomaterials
Production and supply of nanopowders of titanium carbide
Synthesis, production and supply of helically coiled carbon nanotubes
Development of innovative nanocoating processes for material perfomance enhancement

Management Team

Dr. A. M. Rao (Raja), Co-Founder and CTO

Dr. Apparao M. Rao is the co-founder of SGT. He is responsible for nanotechnology development, technical strategy and product development efforts at SGT. He is currently a professor in the condensed matter physics group at Clemson University.  He received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Kentucky in 1989, and held a postdoctoral appointment with Prof. Mildred Dresselhaus at MIT until 1991.  His current research is focused on understanding and controlling the synthesis of 1D nanostructured organic and inorganic materials. Characterization techniques such as Raman scattering, infrared, UV-visible, and fluorescence spectroscopy, harmonic detection of resonance method, atomic force microscopy, electron microscopy, and electrical transport measurements combined with growth techniques such as the electrical arc, CVD, and laser vaporization methods serve as his research tools for exploring the properties of several nanostructured materials.  He has published extensively on the synthesis, characterization and applications of 1D materials. He has more than 150 peer-reviewed publications, 21 review articles and book chapters, and 6 patents to his credit. Presently he serves as an editorial board member for two international journals, and scientific advisory board member for two companies.


Dr. Madhavrao (Rao) Govindaraju, Co-Founder and COO

Dr. Govindaraju is responsible for day to day operation of the company, technical strategy development, and product development.  He has over twenty five years of experience in surface modification, nanostructured coatings, nondestructive evaluation, and materials characterization.  He received his M. S. in Materials Science from Rutgers University, New Jersey, in 1985 and his Ph.D. in materials engineering from the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, in 1991.  As a senior research engineer at Karta, Govindaraju was successful in obtaining five Phase I SBIR and three Phase II SBIR grants.

He research interests include thermal barrier coatings, development of nanocoatings for corrosion/oxidation/wear resistance applications, polymer composites, degradation mechanisms in polymeric materials, and development of innovative nondestructive evaluation techniques for monitoring residual stresses in materials. He also worked at Ames Laboratory, a Department of Energy laboratory, Ames, Iowa as an Assistant Research Scientist.  At Ames Laboratory, Dr. Govindaraju investigated laser-processing techniques to enhance energy efficiency in magnetic metallic glasses and silicon steels used in transformer cores.  Before joining Ames Laboratory, he worked as a research engineer at Laser Science Company (LSC), Ames, Iowa.  At LSC, he developed a new technique for forming laser coatings for metal-matrix composites to improve wear and corrosion resistance.


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S. R. Devaguptapu (Dev), CEO

Dev is responsible for board, investor and corporate partner interactions and overall strategy development and implementation. Dev is a results-oriented senior manager with over thirty years of demonstrated ability. He has demonstrated expertise in Greenfield Turn-key project execution from start to finish, including conceptual, pre/post Design Engineering, Project Management, Construction, Commissioning, Operator Training, Simulation and Start-up. Dave also managed 10+ major Turnkey projects in US, Canada and Europe. David uses technical expertise in Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical and Manufacturing, blending with; Cost of Quality management approach, focusing on Trends, Budgets and Cost Projections, while maintaining Construction Schedules and Deadlines. He has proven leadership in creating high performance Engineering, Management and Design teams, through skills associated with recruitment, training, Coaching/Team building and a mastery in the art of being a change agent in remote/urban locations, as well as in a multi-national and multi-cultural environment.



Ms. Usha K. Govindaraju, President

Mrs. Usha Govindaraju is the President of SGT. She is responsible for day to day operations of the company. Her expertise includes program management, database development and administration, and business development

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